Saturday, 24 March 2012

Autodesk Homestyler - 3D Software, Freeware

Homestyler is a free online service that provides access to home design software created by Autodesk. Free products and services are subject to the terms of use that accompany them. One of the biggest challenges to a decorating or home remodeling project is envisioning how everything will look. Now that is easier than ever before with Autodesk Homestyler.

-Quickly create layouts with drag-and-drop rooms, doors, and furnishings
-Easily experiment with styles, colors, and finishes
-Include specific products from manufacturers? catalogs
-Visualize your home design ideas in 3D with one click
-Share your designs and get input from family, friends, and professionals
-Increase your confidence in your design and product selection decisions

Help Your Clients Visualize Their Dreams. Boost your clients confidence in their home design choices with Autodesk Homestyler. Create and share rich, realistic 2D and 3D home design visuals to help clients better understand your design concepts, so they can make faster, more-informed decisions. Already more than a million people have experienced Autodesk Homestyler, one of the fastest-growing, online home design applications. Add your brands to Autodesk Homestyler, and make it easier for consumers and designers to incorporate your products into their home remodeling or decorating projects.

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