Thursday, 7 March 2013

Windows Live Programs

Windows Live is the best online service for email and messenger. This is software you need to download and install. You shall get a lot of services from windows live. It is a free service created by Microsoft. But there are many features that you will need to pay for like the Windows Live Call, which is something like Skype.

Windows Live Mail is the most important application. We can compare it to Outlook Express. It features email, contacts and calendar services. I really like this program. It is better than any other mail client, with a nice user interface. We can use Gmail, Hotmail and any other email services which supports POP and IMAP like the Yahoo mail.

Windows Live Hotmail is the email service that can be used with any Windows Live Service. You only need to create one Hotmail account and use it anywhere on Microsoft website.

Windows Live Messenger is the messenger which has a lot of features. But it lacks the chat room service like that in Yahoo Messenger. But I really am against chat rooms. You won't find one nice person there. Always there will be more than one person typing and doing crazy things.
Windows Live Call works as a part of Make PC-to-PC voice / video calls to your Messenger contacts.

Windows Live Movie Maker is an application to easily create your own movies by using pictures, music, and videos you have. The software is erally good.

There are a lot of other services too, which are being developed as a part. Windows Live Photo Gallery helps you share pictures. Skydrive offers free file sharing up to 5 GB and the size is being increased.

Windows Live Onecare is an anti virus. But it is not free. I have been using a version of this antivirus from Microsoft and have never been in trouble with a virus. The main feature of this antivirus is that it won’t report that a file is a virus un-necessarily. Almost all other anti viruses (excluding McAfee) finds many viruses that are actually not viruses. Live OneCare Family safety is a feature that can be installed to create custom settings for different users on your computer so that they can be protected against illegal and unnecessary content from the internet, including websites and people in the internet.

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