Saturday, 25 February 2012

Create graph "Love Function" Using Google

Google continuesly spoils its users, and this time especially for you – the math lovers. Google has announced its new service by integrating a facility that allows users to plot graphs of mathematical functions in its search engine.

Simply start with the command plot or graph, and type the functions to be plotted using simple syntax. Google will display the graph function in a wink.

Here are the graphs of some basic functions.

plot cos x, x/5, exp x

Below is a graph of the "love function" that is panetrated by a straight line.

graph sqrt(cos x) sin(300 x) + sqrt(abs x) - 1, x - 0.5, from -2 to 2

If you want to do advanced computation online, you can try Wolfram Alpha that use Mathematica as its computational engine.

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